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Home for Organisations PPM standards

PPM STANDARDS design, develop and implement against our own bespoke or published and tailored Project and Programme Management (PPM) methods or framework.

For organisations seeking to introduce, refresh or change their consistently applied Project and Programme practice across a group of individuals - teams, divisions, directorates, sectors, partners, volunteers etc.

What is this? Why would I want it?
  • A longer term engagement using a structured plan towards some objectives - may be seen as a project or programme itself
  • May include:
    • development of local P3 glossary/lexicon
    • creation of workable concepts, lifecycle model, templates, tools and structures - transcription into 'handbooks', web-based information systems etc.
  • Can be based on existing best practice and bodies of knowledge, or local organisation or bespoke needs
  • Setting up infrastructre/arrangements to allow ongoing support of PPM by internal individual or group (e.g. Centre of Excellence, Project/Programme Support Office)
  • We need to professionalise our approach to change and require some standard project/programme standards
  • Our clients expect us to adopt a standard PPM across the organisation (or division)
  • Our project/programme approaches are inconsistent and we know we need to devleop and embed a standard
  • Internal audit/Quality Assurance/Governance functions tell us that our PPM approaches are causing problems
  • Our Centre of Excellence/Project or Programme Office needs capacity or capability to develop/modify our chosen PPM