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ASSURANCE independently review, assess, comment or provide opinion of live Programmes and Projects on behalf of P3 board, decision makers, stakeholders and governance bodies.

Projects and Programmes are investments aimed at delivering benefits. P3 boards, and key stakeholders, need the assurance that the thing is well define, the thing is well planned, that strategies and arrangements to deliver are appropriate, that risks/issues are being identified and handled appropriately, that the intiative is still viable. Relying on good project/programme managers to give this assurance is fine - but sometimes the stakes are too high, the risk too great, the team too junior or inexperienced to always be able to give an accurate, unbiased and compelte view.

What is this? Why would I want it?
  • works on baselined needs
  • supplements internal P3 controls
  • external matter reviews and interviews
  • or internal 'in-team' modes
  • formal or informal approaches to interventions or presentation of results
  • repeated interventions throughout Programme or Project lifecycles, or 'one-offs' (for key stage/miletsone status, or recovery of initiatives)
  • can be in the form of specific mentoring of an inexperienced Project or Programme manager
  • We need to validate a programme/project's approach, strategies and plans
  • The programme/project board needs some review of their initiative
  • Our client/stakeholder is seeking independent due diligence on our initiative
  • We need to validate our thinking around some specific risks or issues that have been identified
  • Our programme/project team are inexperienced and need some 'in-process' help
  • We are preparing a 'bid' for some work and need some help to validate our response as a programme/project